Symbolic & Civil Ceremonies
in Tuscany & Umbria


by Gemma


What you’ll see in this gallery are NOT pictures captured during my ceremonies in Italy, but THEY ARE..

  • a wonderful genuine couple and their lovely baby boy come from the Netherlands to have their civil wedding surrounded by close family and friends
  • the happiest groom ever and his wife after 2 years of planning that were finally able to fly from the US to celebrate their dreamy wedding – I was so happy for them!
  • a German couple who needed nobody but just them two to have a walk around Florence and their ceremony in an ancient Tuscan mansion
  • 2 beautiful German couples to which I celebrated their wedding (1 year apart from each other) ☺️
  • 2 beautiful ladies from US that eloped to Florence for an intimate ceremony but then, called Mommy at home to give the great news
  • a wonderful husband doing a surprise to her wife for their 10th wedding anniversary, having a live violinist playing the songs of their wedding and dancing to these
  • a lovely young couple from New Zealand that eloped to Valdorcia. They had a civil ceremony in Pienza and then, visited the famous Vitaleta chapel
  • a beautiful sweet couple come alone (with kids at home) from Mexico who flew some white balloons in the air in memory of the bride’s father before the “I do”
  • another sweet couple from Mexico that married here with the blessing of a pastor
  • a couple of 18-year-olds on a school trip in Cinque Terre who hid from their schoolmates for a secret symbolic ceremony just the two of them. The best thing? 5 years later they sent me pics of their wedding at home. So beautiful! 🥰
  • another sweet couple that met in Italy while both were doing their Erasmus and decided to get secretly married in Siena having their rings blessed by a pastor
  • and many more couples from Germany, Switzerland, New Zealand, Australia, the US (just to mention a few) that, alone or together with their friends, have decided to celebrate their love in Italy..with me ❤️

All my couples, all of them, not only the ones I mentioned above, are so so special to me ❤️
They made me part of their lives telling me their stories, favourite memories and even struggling moments.
And for all of this, I’m forever grateful for the trust they had in me and for letting me be their celebrant 🥰


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