About me

by Gemma Blessings


I grew up in Tuscany..

I was born in 1986 in Rome and moved with my family to Tuscany when I was 2yo. As a child, I used to travel with my parents, especially to Austria, that always fascinated me! In fact, notwithstanding school and university near home, I knew that foreign languages were to be my future!


Loving cultures..

I started studying economics at the University of Siena. But traveling was my passion! Germany and Spain became my home for a few months. Back to Italy, I graduated and started working as wedding planner with foreign couples. A wonderful experience of 4 years!


..and Weddings too!

Planning weddings was a great adventure but ceremonies always fascinated me more! They represent the beginning of a new life that deserves to be thoroughly celebrated to the point that I did not want to spectate anymore. I wanted to be a part of all this!

Growing up I understood that life has to be celebrated. And I believe that ceremonies are a way to make it more special!

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