Symbolic & Civil Ceremonies
in Tuscany & Umbria

Personalize your Symbolic Ceremony

by Gemma


Tell me your story

During a ceremony, it’s important to recall the steps that made you decide to celebrate this important day. I’ll ask you to share not simply a story, but YOUR story seen from two different points of views, the bride’s and the groom’s. In fact, I’ll ask you to write about separately. And you will know the other’s answer ONLY on the ceremony day. This way it’ll be a pleasant surprise for everybody! Details that could have been forgotten through the years, may come out all of a sudden!


Choose readings to represent you

We all know..writers can express an idea better than us! Therefore, I’ll propose you a number of readings that you can choose from based on your origins, traditions and the way you’ve been building your relationship through time. Also, invite close friends to read, they’ll be..a bit scared but honored!


Be brave, say your own words!

Occasions such as your ceremony in Italy happen rarely and witness a change in life. People won’t expect poems from us. Simple words will be enough to express your happiness for this moment, your gratitude to a friend, your love for your parents, your vow to your spouse. And I can give you some advice to write these words ☺️

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Rituals to strengthen your bond

Rituals represent the moment you become a family, one only thing, rather than 2 single individuals. Here the most common rituals but we can create one just for you, if you want.

Rose Ritual – Sand Blending – Tree Ritual
Wine Box – Warming of the Rings
Hand Fasting – Unity Candle


Make family and friends be part of it

A symbolic ceremony is a very important moment in life and guests do play an important role too! They are there as witnesses and are eager to celebrate with you! So involve them! Make them walk down the aisle with or before you, have them reading, make them part of a ritual..all ways to say “Thanks for your support!”



The right music for good vibes

Music is part of our lives, always! It gives rhythm to our days, accompanies us during the happy moments and the sad ones. And we cannot ignore it on an important day such a ceremony! There’s no rule, just choose the music you like! The “music rhythm” will follow the “ceremony rhythm” letting you enjoy the emotional moments (like in the pic at the side) and the happy ones too (like the end of your ceremony – pics below). 

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