Symbolic Weddings, simply unforgettable

I’ll tell your guests about you!

We will rediscover togheter how you met, how you feel in love and the feelings that you have towards your better half. And not even you will know what I’ll say. You’ll discover everything during the ceremony. It’ll be a pleasant surprise for everybody!

I’ll make all guests part of it!

Your guests can be part of the ceremony reading poems from Shakespeare, Jackson Brown, or even songs or texts from movies. They can also be part of the symbolic rituals that will consecrate you as a family rather than two separate individuals.

What does “symbolic” mean?

Symbolic means that nobody, not even I!, is binding you legally but you’ll be the ones to look in each other’s eyes and commit yourself to the other. For example you can write your own vows. Only you know them, and I’ll help you find the right words to express them.

All agree on a symbolic wedding?

Probably not, but it’s a personal, intimate and emotional ceremony. In fact, many couples decide to get civilly married in the previous days to reunite then, all guests for the symbolic wedding only in the garden where the reception will take place later on.

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Start dreaming! Walk down the Aisle.. and then..

Relive your Story

Greetings & Meaning of Marriage

The Couple’s Story

Readings (by guests)

Commit Yourself

Rediscover ♥ your inner Feelings

A Ritual & the Vows!

Exchange of the rings

Viva gli Sposi!

Signing of parchment

Final Blessing

The Kiss ♥

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