Symbolic & Civil Ceremonies
in Tuscany & Umbria

Symbolic Ceremonies

by Gemma Blessings


What does “symbolic” mean?

Symbolic means that nobody, not even me!, is binding you legally but you’ll be the ones to look into each other’s eyes and commit yourself to each other.

During the ceremony, you’ll answer to the famous question: “Do you take this man/woman as your husband/wife?”, you will exchange your vows and rings and I’ll finally, pronounce you “husband & wife!”

But a symbolic ceremony is much much more!


All agree on a symbolic ceremony?


Probably not, but symbolic ceremonies are meant to be a moment created just for you.

A symbolic ceremony is personal, intimate, and emotional because you are the protagonist, not the law.

In fact, many couples decide to get civilly married beforehand and then, have all their guests to witness instead, a personal ceremony at the venue where they’ll have then, the reception and party.

Ready to get married?

Walk down the aisle

Welcoming words

Cherish the little moments of life

Relive your story

Have your guests do readings for you

Commit yourself

Express your commitment with a ritual

Say it.. “Yes, I do”

Exchange your vows and rings

“I pronounce you Husband & Wife!”

Celebrate with a kiss

Signing of the parchment

Final Blessing

“Please welcome the newly wedded couple!”

Celebrate with a happy song and the petals toss


You’ll relive your story

We will rediscover together how you met, how you fell in love and the feelings you have for each other.

And you’ll discover my speech just during the ceremony. In fact, I’ll send you 2 questionnaires to fill in separately.

Hence, what you’ll hear will be a small pleasant surprise.. for you two, and your guests too. ☺️


It’ll be a moment to live all together

A marriage ceremony is a moment for you two but it’s really important that your family and friends are there to support you.

Hence, why not? Let’s involve them into the ceremony!

A few guests can do readings or participate to a ritual. And no matter their number, we can find a way to involve them ALL.

Ask for more info.

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