Real Civil wedding in Italy

by Gemma Blessings
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Behind the lens: Italian photographer Paola Calamará.

With this page, I want to tell you more about civil weddings in taly. In fact, I perform not only symbolic weddings, but I am an interpreter in English, Spanish and German. As such, I can help couples from all over the world get civilly married in Tuscany.

I’ve decided to tell you more about civil weddings in Italy through the lovely wedding of Karen and John, who decided to have an intimate wedding in Tuscany with about 20 guests. Not a fancy one but with the small things, those that really matter! And also of course, with their beloved ones all around to witness the special moment of their “I do’s”. I had the privilege to be there and made my part. As I was saying, this time, not as celebrant but as interpreter for their civil wedding in Tuscany. An important role though, and I love it as mush as I love being a symbolic celebrant in Tuscany! 🙂

I arrived already in the morning so to give my contribution with the preparations. My friend, the Italian wedding planner Danila from Dama Wedding was already at this lovelyTuscan wedding villa taking care of all the details that really make the difference on a wedding day. Those details that can turn a small thing into perfection. The weather was also simply splendid with a beautiful sun that enriched even more the enchanting nature all around the villa. All seemed like staying still with this lovely country house in the midst of nature, a soft breeze and a delicate music coming from the bride’s room upstairs. Can you imagine that?

The getting ready was just started. Karen was enjoying her time together with her mom, sis and the other members of the family. John was instead relaxing with his “boys” in another corner of the house. You know time flies in such occasions.. me, Danila and the other vendors were taking care of everything on behalf of this lovely couple. In fact, Danila, their Italian wedding planner, didn’t want them to take care of anything except enjoying their guests’s company. Karen and John just needed to relax now. THAT was their day and Danila was there to make everything happen smoothly as they had planned for months.

The time for the ceremony to start arrived soon (you cannot imagine how time flies fast on a wedding day!). Being it a civil wedding celebrated on the grounds of the venue, we waited for the officer of the civil state of Castiglion Fiorentino to arrive. It’s easy to recognize him.. He’s the one with the tri-colored sash 🙂 And I was right next to him waiting for John’s bride to come. This is the moment I love the most during weddings!

Me and the officer were standing in front of a beautiful arch that made the olive grove were the ceremony took place, even more beautiful. All guests were seated and our lovely bride waited for her music to start from the back of the olive groves. Finally, the pianist started to play a gentle melody…that was the bride’s song telling her the moment was arrived.

It’s so beautiful for me to watch the groom’s moved eyes and shaking legs (although they don’t want to admit it and try to hide it – but most of them cannot) while waiting for his bride. And then, he finally turns back and sees her.. That moment is simply amazing..

Finally, Karen reached the altar and the officer and I could then, start the ceremony.

I have to say that a civil ceremony has a very different content from the symbolic one and although is more “practical”, so to speak, with the Italian articles of the Civil Code to repeat… it can still have some romantic traits. Especially, if I can guide you to add your personal touch to this ceremony.

Italian bureaucracy is renown for being strict. However, although we MUST read these (boring!) articles, we can always have readings from guests or a small ritual at the beginning of the ceremony, as well as the pronunciation of your own vows and a proper (romantic!) formula for the rings exchange. And why not? Bridesmaids and groomsmen can add a special note for you at the end of the ceremony. Their participation is really important and can really change a moment and make it unforgettable.

Most of the civil officers are flexible about this (but I tell you, NOT all of them). So with the right guidance, even a civil ceremony can be emotional and unforgettable.

And our officer was really adorable! With a bit of guidance from me about when to let Karen and John say their vows and the addition of some special words to make the moment magic (you know, I’m always the one who interprets the officer’s words) 🙂 the ceremony was really pretty. And I want to thank a guest of this lovely couple who sang and dedicated a special song to our couple during the ceremony.

You know, emotions are what make moments unforgettable and this was one of those moments.

Later that evening, the atmosphere looked so simple and perfect, very casual! With an ice cream kart (that I simply loved!!) and tasty canapés organized in the villa side courtyard. Danila from Dama Wedding and I joined a bit the group after taking care of the dinner table. A unique long table decorated with delicate flowers on a simple but elegant white tablecloth. Believe me! White is the perfect colour for everything!!

All the guests were so friendly and invited us to join them. We always want to be discrete but it’s such a pleasure for us to share these moments all together. We toasted to Karen and John and enjoyed the sun setting down creating beautiful shades of red and yellow in the sky.

I’m not sure words can express the peaceful atmosphere that was almost tangible. Those moments leave nothing but peace in your heart…and so looked the bride and groom’s faces before I left them enjoy their wedding dinner under fairy lights. Danila, my friend, their Italian wedding planner did a wonderful job and I’m so happy I helped and also had the pleasure to pronounce them “husband and wife” (yes, I definitely love to steal the show to Italian town hall officer’s) :))

Enjoy the pics, beautifully shot by the Italian photographer Paola Calamará.

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